NANO WASH Waterless ECO Wash

  • NANO WASH Waterless ECO Wash

NANO WASH Waterless ECO Wash

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  • Product Code: NANO PURE Waterless ECO Wash
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Cleans, polishes, wax and protects all exterior surfaces with average usage of 100 - 250ml per vehicle.

Nano particles are small enough to enter and seal these microscopic defects, thus preventing the ingress of these corrosion inducing pollutants. With conventional polishes the particles are too large to enter these defects and merely bridge over them. Once Nano particles are in place they are extremely difficult to remove. The tightly packed particles provide an outstanding protective barrier and smoother surface which also imparts higher gloss levels and superior water sheeting.

It is free from all abrasives, phosphates, bleach, solvent, petroleum, acids and any other harmful ingredients and contains UV screen protectors. It removes oxidation, water spots, traffic film and delivers a deep mirror-gloss finish, repelling water and dirt build.

Perfect for new and older vehicles - use as a premium weekly maintenance/cleaning product.

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